The first thing to do to get involved is contact us via our contact page, call the station, or show up at one of the posted events on the schedule.  Its best to make contact with us before you show up so that you are aware of any last minute changes.  If you decide you want to become an active member you will need to accomplish the following:

1.  Attend two business meetings and accomplish an initial reading and then a secondary reading.  This will allow the associate membership to vote on a member.

2.  Next, acquire an application from either station 56 or 57 during a business meeting.  Complete your application (to include fingerprinting and notary) and then turn it back in to one of the Fire Chiefs.  This will initiate your background check.

3.  Once your background check is complete you can accomplish your physical.  All applicants must accomplish  a physical through the PG county designated medical facility.  Your Fire Chief will coordinate your appointment.  Once you complete your physical you will receive your county number, which identifies you as a first responder.  You will now be ready to accomplish any and all training courses.

If you want to start some of you training early you can accomplish NIMS 100 and 700 during your application process.  They are located here:

Other online courses can be found at this location:

Rescue Diver

Boat Operator

Dive Tender

Swift Water Rescue

Ice Rescue

Volunteer Diver Description:  As a Volunteer diver, you will be required to assist in various areas like..self-rescue and diver stress
diving first aid
emergency management and equipment considerations
swimming and non swimming assists
panicked diver response
underwater problems
missing diver procedures
surfacing the unconscious diver
in-water artificial respiration
egress (exits)
first aid procedures for pressure related accidents
dive accident scenarios.
Support assistanceDescription: Operating as a surface support members will assist as..Boat operator and tender
Search line tender
Handling of equipment to divers over side of boat
Assistance with removal of diver, equipment, or other persons from the water.
Assist in first aid procedures for pressure related accidents
dive accident scenarios.


Administration Services

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